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Drilling of technological holes in concrete, brick, rock, wood.
Diameters 52 - 1200mm.
  • main pipelines, technological pipelines, utility pipelines, storm sewers, fecal and cable systems;

  • electricity, gas and water supply;

  • water heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems;

  • wired communication and data transmission systems, fire and security alarm systems, fire extinguishing systems pipelines;

  • screw conveyors and pneumatic transport;

  • micro-tunneling, horizontal directional drilling, horizontal auger drilling;

  • bored, jet grouting and micro piles, soil anchors;

  • inspection, sewer, assembly hatches, storm inlets;

  • drainage wells and pits.

Drilling of boreholes and wells in concrete, brick, and rock.
Diameters 20-276mm, depth up to 24m.
  • core sampling from piles and structures, rock;

  • blast holes, creating a free surface;

  • injection works, grouting, soil consolidation and liquidation of subsidence;

  • horizontal drilling for trenchless laying of communications.

Special works.
  • openings in and demolition of sections of structures and foundation slabs with a thickness of more than 600mm;

  • works in the conditions of production facilities that store, manufacture and transport fire and explosive products;

  • work in conditions of partial flooding, inflow, direct splashes of water;

  • autonomous working at remote sites, in hard-to-reach areas and in difficult weather conditions, in the absence of 380V or load restrictions on the power system of the object;

  • drilling from the bottom up in the absence of access, drilling of ascending holes and wells;

  • sections of tunnels, adits, shafts in concrete and in rock;

  • trenches, wells, cellars, pools in concrete and rock in conditions of strict restrictions on noise and vibration, in cramped conditions;

  • drilling in concrete with a extra high degree of reinforcement;

  • drilling in steel and cast iron;

  • pass - through augers(CFA) - removal of concrete plugs in case of accidents;

  • works in the interests of stone-working enterprises and workshops.

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