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Dmitry Z. Abbasov, Sole trader, Krasnodar, Russia, contractor for specialized works in construction.
​Specialized works - drilling of materials with concrete diamond core drilling rigs, commonly referred to as diamond drilling or concrete coring. By materials in the first place is meant concretes of all types, classes, degrees and elements of reinforcement, as well as bricks, rocks of any strength and abrasiveness, wood, soils, steel and cast iron, and any combinations of these.

Since the beginning of activity as a sole trader in 2017, works has been performed and is being carried out on complex sites in the interests of contractors of companies and divisions of the UES of Russia, Transneft, RusHydro, Rosatom, the MOD of the Russian Federation, Slavyansk ECO Group, as well as general and special works commissioned by municipal companies of the Krasnodar, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol and Mineralnye Vody cities, engineering and technical services and contractors of retail chains "Magnit" and "Tabris". Also, companies and entrepreneurs specializing in drilling and cutting concrete with diamond tools are supported by high-performance equipment.

The main works are performed by certified industrial hydraulic diamond core drilling systems manufactured by the well-known German company Cedima GmbH. The design and power of hydraulic diamond core drilling rigs ensure not only the drilling of holes of large diameter or large depth, but also the equally high mechanical drilling speed over the entire range of diameters, which ensures a short time of work.

All types of diamond core drilling rigs with electric drilling motors, from single-phase handheld to the powerful three-phase ones, manufactured by the leading German companies Dr. Bender GmbH and Weka Elektrowerkzeuge AG, are also available and used for performing auxiliary and general works.

The total experience in drilling operations in the construction and mining industry is more than 25 years, accumulated experience and the applied equipment allow solving problems of any complexity on the surface and underground, safely, qualitatively and in a short time.

The geography of work is the european part of the country, with the exception of the Kaliningrad region and the Republic of Crimea. ​General and special works of small volumes in the interests of individual customers are performed only on the territory of the Krasnodarsky kray and the Republic of Adygea.

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