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The prices for drilling technological holes, boreholes and wells by concrete diamond core drilling rigs(diamond drilling, concrete coring) are valid until 30.06.2024, are informational in nature and under no circumstances are a public offer determined by the provisions of article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

All taxes and fees are included, VAT is not levied due to the tax system.

Payment by bank transfer or in cash, in the case of cash payment, an online cash register receipt is issued in accordance with Federal Law No. 54;

Prices are calculated from the terms and conditions:

  • the minimum cost of a single hole is calculated from a 0,2drm;small volume of general work, up to 5,0drm;

  • marking and inspection are carried out by or at the expense of the customer;

  • the presence of points of connection to electricity no further than 40m, 380V/16A(3P+N+PE, 9kW);

  • availability of connection points to the water supply(3atm, 5l/min) no further than 40m from the work site;

  • drilling without collecting water;

  • free access to the site;

  • working hours from 08.00 to 19.00 on working days of the week.


The cost of the work does not include the cost of:

  • electricity and water;

  • lifting and lowering of equipment and tools in the absence of elevators, lifts and other lifting equipment;

  • breaking and crushing of blind hole cores;

  • cleaning, collection, removal of water and sludge, cores and fragments of structures.

Increasing coefficients are used under conditions and methods of performing work such as:

  • drilling with the collection of water;

  • drilling without the use of water by air flushing("dry drilling");

  • working at height or in confined conditions;

  • drilling to a depth of over 1.2m;

  • drilling at an angle, overhead drilling in the absence of access;

  • high degree of concrete reinforcement;

  • autonomous drilling in the absence of connection points to electricity and water supply, or the absence of connection points to 380/400V when drilling holes of large diameters or depths;

  • performing work in conditions of partial flooding, inflow and splashing of water.

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